Yes, Yes - Eoghan Lyng (Poetry)

This is Eoghan Lyng's reflection on the tiredness of sleep and the inane insomnia we all inhabit. 

Yes, yes

Yes, yes, there are beds 

where sitting in or sleeping on

Phases you in a state unnatural,

there the head we shush 

out of nothing, it knows nothing,

into the death mouth kips

folded impoverished sleep. 

My sadness has but one name, 

I know it well, I have time

to know the ins and outs 

a malaise an incessant sky

can only hold in clouds, 

who occelate the trembled bells

of tearful nights. 

You want me to follow, but this 

Is a night which I dare not go out

Or spiral myriadly inward to find

Yes, yes, it is me who must go,

Go to sleep.

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