Writing Prompt #3 - 'Silence'

For our third writing prompt we invited our writers to be inspired by the word silence. Here's what they came up with, and how they all had different perspectives on the true meaning.


"When silence speaks a thousand words.

And you understand that language,

that's the moment the whole world

belongs to you."

Lori Weyandt

"Have you ever heard the sound of bird, when it’s too sad to sing? Or the breaking of heart, when love has let it down once again? How about the hush of gentle rainstorm, as it washes away the pain? Or the sound tears make when they fall, from a soul too tired to make it another day? Until you’ve heard through the noise, you will never understand how loud silence sometimes screams..."

Sarote Erasito

He watched her.

Her silence was deafening but it wasn’t

piercing his drums and he so wished it did.

He wanted to listen to the sound of her

silence and make meaning of it.

For once he yearned for her endless

infectious chatter.

He missed listening to that shrill trill of hers

that irked him at most times

but excited him on the worst of days.

Now there’s only this silence,

a silence that wasn’t golden anymore.

A silence where he could hear the plop

plopping of blood drops in his weeping

and bleeding heart. A dark silence where he only saw

accusing fingers pointing at him.

He prayed for a “time rewind” so he could

rewrite their story.

But that wasn’t going to happen

and that realisation broke him

more and tears silently streamed down his face.

For now all he could do was silently

watch her in her silence.


Opening his eyes, he saw her, beside his bed, with hands holding a mop, raised above her head. He leapt out of bed just as she opened her mouth to say something.

“Shhh!” he said as he hugged her in silence as if his life depended on it.

That moment of silence said more than any book filled with words could.

Whiskey + Empathy

It was there,

in the deafening sound of your silence,

I knew we were through.

That beautiful shared dream of a life together,


by allowing our Egos to govern,

instead of our hearts.

PJ Robertson

“...and sometimes

it sneaks through

from somewhere under tangled knots of

fire and ice

rolling in like a wet fog

wrapping me in icy blankets of regret

and I shudder in silence...

but the snow is falling

and the tenderness of

soft gentle snowflakes

cover me in the warmth of winter

burying tendrils of time

until all I see is the


magic of madness,

fanned flames

of a dying ember a

nd the taste of nostalgia

you left on my lips

that forever feels like home

Nicole Carlyon

The silence

From your imaginary goodbye

Has left a void

A missing piece

An empty space I have yet to return from

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