Writing Prompt #2 - 'Wild'

Our second writing prompt was the word 'wild.' We received over 20 submissions in a week, which is amazing! These are our favourites. Thanks to Lisa Pilgrim, Nicole Carlyon, Sarote Erasito, Sensual Musings of Jen, Emilie Ford, and JD Casey IV.

Lisa Pilgrim

Chasing the night as fingers trace goosebumps of Braille on moonlit skin.  Revealing secrets and wishes as lips loosen while limbs tangle and torsos tumble.  Blood courses through bulging veins from hearts beating at a frantic pace anticipating ecstacy.  Lovers lose themselves in wild abandon before cursing the dawn.

Nicole Carlyon

There are wild things lurking in my waking hours

Wild ones holding my dreams captive at night

Maybe it's the wild holding me hostage

That keeps me alive.

Sarote Erasito

In his wild darkness

his wildness reigned

and he didn’t know better.

Until a freak wind opened his gloom

and he caught a glimpse of the moon.

His heart melted.

And every night he would wait at that spot

And every night he caught a glimpse.

And at every glimpse, the wild beast in him

died a little until it was no more.

Sensual Musing of Jen

Entice me with loyalty Impress me with integrity Respect me with equality Pursue me with sincerity Pamper me with love Spoil me with affection Seduce me with honesty Unclothe me with patience I will be yours entirely If you don’t mind Me being wild, bossy & sassy Quite often Atop of thee

Emilie Ford

Her hair was fragrant with the smell of wildfires but her skin tasted sweetly of wild berries sprinkled with sugar. Not an inch of her was tamed, and that's how he loved her. Between domestic satin sheets, with the hands of a careful man, he loved her wild, but he also loved her with a gentle ease and control of a man who was nothing if not intentional.

J.D. Casey IV

poetry in stone

strewn around

the room

hazy names

in the dust

memories long


hungry for wind

no warning

falling hard


in every bone


air like this

makes souls

feel young

wild and



with hearts

on fire

singing words

that call

the mustangs


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