Waltz With Me, Darling - Liam Rickard (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

This beautiful poem, also a song, is a haunting tale of two people in love who are stuck in a war zone.

Artwork by Worldwide Welshman

Waltz with me, darling,

Waltz with me, my love

Waltz with me, sweetheart

We're floating above.

All of the death and destruction below,

If we were to fall and die,

No-one would know,

Waltz with me, darling

Waltz with me, my girl

Let's dance to the airport

And we'll fly around the world.

You laugh but I'm serious,

One of these days,

We'll earn enough to escape from this place.

To leave all this carnage and violence,

Defy those who wish to silence us.

Hide with me, darling,

Hide with me, my dear,

Don't talk too loud

Or they might overhear.

All of the secrets my heart says to you,

When will they leave us to live as we choose?

Run with me, darling,

Let's set ourselves free,

Leave this fraught, dissected community.

One of these days,

We'll be happy again,

Away from this tragedy, hardship and pain.

But my love, how could we leave our community burning?

Only the memories returning,

If we left all this carnage and violence,

Who'd stand up to those who silence us?

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