Unfinished - Naomi Wood (Poetry)

Years have yawned since I was last restrung. Undone.

In time we forget how to take ourselves lightly,

Weighted as we are by phantoms.

But sooner or later our children’s voices

Will pool in the hollows of our cheeks

With all the questions we’d stopped asking

Soft limbs will seek our protection and we’ll realise

That’s what we should have been doing for ourselves

All along .

And though I hit every branch on the way down

The view was always worth it

For the colours it showed me whose names I didn’t know.

People say they wish they’d known then

What they know now

Well I want to know now what it is that will bring me so much peace.

But in place of having that certainty

I will walk blindly, hands outstretched and often on my knees

Knowing one day I will smile into the faces of my fears

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