This Moment - Peter Neville (Flash Fiction)

"This Moment" by Peter Neville is a flash fiction piece about that great moment of romance, the instant where a promised eternity blooms into an actualized reality. It is exactly 100 words long.

It had come down to this moment.

We stared at each other, unblinking, as if in a staring contest. Her face was pale, mine flushed red. Behind us were people. Lots of people. All watching our every move and judging. Oh, how much they would enjoy a mistake. And even though I’d practiced this scenario in my head so many times, I was nervous.

As I stood opposite her, looking serious, my suit felt tighter than a strait jacket. At least she looked beautiful, composed…

It’s time to speak. What was my line again? Ah!!

Wait, remember now:

“I do.”

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