The Light Of The World - Donald Falconer (Poetry)

Donald Falconer pens a philosophical poem about the nature of life. It is a wonderful piece.

What is the point of pain? Is it not the partner of pleasure?

Do we not feel fear to heighten our sense of existence?

To always be touched by the warmth of the suns rays

will this not make your heart cold to shun winter days.

Is life not to suffer, and cry tears, then feel misfortune

trickle down you face in burning, icy balls of terror.

Will you deny that life is unfair, uneven, twisted and bent,

that people are angry, unkind, cruel, devious and bitter,

and will steal your money and your wife for less.

These are the things you must know and accept

hold them tight and tighter to your weeping soul.

If only life was but a bowl of sweet and lovely cherries

and love was as simple as a cloud floating in a blue sky.

But it is not, and were are human, and we are frail and week,

and life is full of pain, error, disappointment and grief.

Remember this my son or your life will be an illusion.

I tell you, suffering is good for you soul and necessary.

It is the other side of the scales weighed in the balance.

You cannot have one without tasting the other on your lips.

Sweetness must be tempered with a bitter pill.

The black illness the takes you to the point of death

must be endured to feel the wonder of a healthy skin.

Lost sleep must be endured in the darkness

to open a cathedral of wonder and light.

Temptations and vice must be born with delight

to know that integrity burns in a heart of fire.

Yes, you must accept all these things that pass

and bear each with a cool and temperate breath.

Face all with a brave and enduring mind,

ready to fail, fall and get back up again.

Yes these are the lessons that you must learn

before you can become a patient man.

So, will you face the shadow of your existence,

accept it, and move forward into the light of the world.

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