The Giant - Naomi Wood (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

"Another wonderful poem that was written in Scotland by Naomi Wood. It is about, in our opinion, refusing to be broken by circumstance, and rising stronger and unstoppable."

I hear you roll your eyes on the phone

But destiny only comes calling once

And my heart is on a freight train

Bound for mountains

Surprised by my own spite

I surrender to a cacophony of disasters

Which comprise the battles

To a larger war

But nobody hands you power

And I am too loud, and too large

And one day my arms will break through these windows

And encircle the moon herself.

She unpacks my bags

And unclenches my fist;

Sonorous sage of cyclical small wisdoms,

While she pretends not to notice

As my hair grows tree-trunk tangled

And undergrowth thick;

A shrub-land of rebellion

While my riverbanks swell to breach.

If tumescent fruits explode in the mouths

Of those unafraid

Of their own deep waters,

Pin my hands above my head

With your glacial stare

Tessellated mountain shoulder ranges

Have ridden me deeper into the pitch of my own tide-

A burnished particle

Burning in my core’s cavity

And though I sleep in this corridor of chaos

I would distil these tears

To delight in the dance of their luminosity.

A sparrow exults in earthly divinity

In his quiet kingdom

While the fish move uncompromisingly

In their trifles.

You might believe the earth contains you

But the body is a light source

And there are secrets folded

In the flesh of your filaments.

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