The Door - Math Jones (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

This poem, by Math Jones, is simply divine with undertones of escapism and curiosity. Enjoy.

The door. Shuts.

Sometimes, softly...

So you would not know

That someone had gone through.

Sometimes, hard.

And everyone ducks.

As if it might have been their turn.

But always, in the end, it is a slam.

Flat, unfeatured -

You might not know a door was there at all,

So blended it is with the surround.

But like a wall, it only keeps you out

When it is there.

You might think it has a handle,

That you might have a handle,

On it. A key.

That you may have seen it open, sometimes,

In a dream.

You haven't.

It doesn't


And you cannot place an ear.

For all that may be heard

Is on this side. Is on this side.

I am not sure

If it is ever open, that door,

No matter how hard it may be shut,

And I will wake to find myself

Already on the other side,

Gazing, from the darkness

At the light left shining in the hall.

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