Story Time - P.R. Davis (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Some poems just hit close to home, and P.R. Davis spins a dark, and personal tale.

Once upon a time

I was an innocent in a peek-a-boo mini

afraid to be toyed upon.

Any hint of a sneer would crawl up my stomach, convulse into fear and steer off

to a secluded vault

However, spurred on by the clutch of a mentor

(who removed my shackles), then

shut off the alarm with a

swish of his blade

It was there

I instantly became

his hopeless runaway

lead forth on my tippy toes for a life of luxury

Oh fengshui

How life has changed and left its smeared print for boast

a heartfelt solemn to keep a wonderer safe was all I ever needed

But such remarks got tossed on the stove and laid to rest amongst

Those once upon dreams

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