Songs Of The Night - Mapuia Thawmte (Poetry)

Here comes the night

Cloaked in gloom

Hushed the world

And heaven screams

In jolly sun

when heaven whispers

absorbed in beauty

a deaf ear we turn

Night brings message

wrapped in darkness

Stange shadow creeps in

an errand to run

wide awake in dead of night

piercing scream of silence

mouthpiece of God

to stab your tarnished soul.

perilous apparition lurks around

bristled hair, petrified soul

awestruck silence,

passions burnt out

a tormenting night

to strap unbridled ego

broken laurels, crumbling castle

time to ponder

wasted life up the creek

A tenseful night,

moment of truth

air of apprehension,

your pale shadow falls

in the sharp beam of truth

devilish deeds on the wall

Hell's mouth opened

the fiercely smell

of burning brimstone

in the pit of despondency

deep cries out to deep

A didactic poem

chanted in silence

to the beat of a throbbing heart

a purgatory night

to burn off

your sullied soul

Never curse the night

light a lamp

it brings to your soul

let it burn, let it burn

in the cocoon of darkness

an alchemy in progress

till elegy turns to rhapsody

at the crack of dawn

butterfly flies away

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