Some Expectations - Naomi Wood (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Written whilst on tour in Scotland, Naomi Wood examines the nature of heartbreak and why everyone should experience it at least once.

Let me feel behind your self-importance

Climb vertical scree to the depths of your disillusionment

Cut a chink along your vertebrae

To let the light come pouring in

Maybe you've never known love

Til you've beaten your laundered organs

Under the scorching scrutiny of the sun

But still I hope you may be split open by love at least once

May you come undone

And be born naked upon the winds of your own unfolding

Unfurl yourself like fingers- we're all hung together by thread

And whether huntress or hunted

The landscape is eternally

A hungry mouth seeking for truths.

We bash fragmented shards of our esteem together

Willing them to fit

But the sparks that ricochet

Land in my hair and on my face

Is it an offering or a sacrifice?

On the makeshift altar to our mortality

That keeps the oceans from rising up through the floorboards

We forage the wild for delicacies but in the dark we dine alone

And whether forest or fortress

The four-footed prints

That mark the sodden earth

We find here are just our own

If something doesn't change soon

I know I surely will,

With a Trojan horse of surprises

A thousand tiny men will come leaping from my face

In the shape of rain

Or I will rip asunder

This ball gown of validations

And run soft footed and shrieking on the pine cone floor.

Either way I know I will not liquefy my magic

To take a more comfortable shape

Diamonds are harder to swallow by moonlight,

But the deer line up at the shoreline,

Drinking from the river of our inadequacies

If only, for a taste.

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