Shinjuku Line Serenade - Tim Brooks (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Tying in perfectly with the the release of his new album, Tim Brooks shares this personal poem with us. Here's what he has to say about it: "Back in 2016, I was dating this girl and we were drifitng apart. We booked a trip to Tokyo for summer 2017, even though we didn't know what would happen with us. By the time the trip came, it was clear we would not be together afterwards. It's a surreal feeling to share an amazing experience with somebody you're probably never going to see again after the trip."

The sky is crying in the Land of the Rising Sun

I see clouds upon the mountaintop, and a race that's all but run

We sleep like batteries, like brothers on a hotel bed

And the tiny vessels have healed inside our necks where they once bled

So if you're hating my insides

Let me tell you its the pride in me that's hurting

So listen to me darling

The past is written in the stone

So when you're sitting on your own

I hope you'll give my name a whisper

But I'm pretty sure you wont

You never shivered in fear

And I don't know how you ever stayed so strong

And you never shed me a tear

So I guess that much was clear all along

So if your heart's been led astray

7000 miles away

or 230 north from the bed where we once laid

Where I drowned in sheets that weren't my own

Under ceilings white as snow

Where God's the only one to judge me

He's the only one that knows

And I won't hold it against you

If you cut me out

And I won't hold it

If its the only way that you know how

Cos I guess when you look at me

All you see

Is a box of bones buried deep

And buried underneath

A stone saying here lies the day where your life fell apart

And broke your canvas coated heart

So our separate ways I guess we'll go

I hope I'll see you at the show

Maybe you'll smile right back at me

But to be honest I don't know.

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