Sealed And Dying - Pooja Srivastava (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

In this poem Pooja Srivastava is trying to portray how a lost love tries to seek refuge in mourning. Despite the swarm of options standing only a few feet away to bring solace, one escapes to follow only the most burdensome truth, that the "Love is Lost."

Igniting my virtue, my soul you thrive, 

With ambiance of mourning, we love and cry, 

Pulp of the essence, drafting the power, 

I miss your presence, each second, each hour, 

Enchanting my poignancy, with love in eye, 

Compassion as your vice, loving wet and dry, 

You merge my vengeance, with shining dime, 

And gift me poison, with love each time, 

I miss your caress, since you touched and left, 

And lost my glory, in your arms of theft, 

This pressed me petite, dragging warm in well, 

In my heart you live, in soul you dwell, 

Going ways to destroy, your glimpse is divine, 

Holy gestures I envisage, in bulk of shrines, 

Your rapport of commanding, me to swim, 

My vulnerability of falling, and holding your skin, 

Your heart’s approval, scarce in claim, 

My wounds are kissed, with your love’s name, 

I love the pious, spoken and lying, 

Your love in a bottle, sealed and dying.

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