Reality Of My Name - J.D. Casey IV (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

In this poem by J.D. Casey IV, he explores the feeling he's had since childhood that he just didn't belong.

maybe they keep me



because I'm too dangerous

too out of control

for their

boxed up realities

ever since I was a kid

I felt like I didn't belong

like I was something different

something better

my mother even told me so

every day of my life

since I can remember

she said I was an alien

I never knew what she meant

I just observed

and learned

so many different things

how to be an asshole

how to be cool

how to be totally oblivious

to the reality of my name

I was expected to be something

so divine

so unspeakable

that the world

would take notice

without taking notice

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