Perhaps As We - Linda Lauretta (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

This poem, by Linda Lauretta, arose during a peace conference. It was part of an exercise that aims to deepen the connection with others and the environment. 

Weaving, softly gazing, turning toward another

Searching eyes, connecting though no words we utter

Am I in you, am I in me

For we

Stand appalled in the wake left behind

By hostile, thoughtless minds

I say they are not, but they too are my kind.

We see our mountains, waters, deserts, homeland

Mined, defiled, drained to serve a brand

Take me not down these paths created by fools

Let me walk in the dust of Nature’s school.

Let my path be simple, yet diverse

Let me see all as a blessing and none as a curse

Am I in you, am I in me, perhaps as we

In sacred silence, the Great Turning may be.

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