Old Fashioned Magic - Lisa Pilgrim (Poetry)

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Lisa Pilgrim offers us a whimsically written poem about being aware that timing, and opportunity, may lead to finding a magical connection where least expected.

From the hazel-eyed enchanter there'll be no avoidance

Mesmerized by his stare as he asks, “What’s your poison?”

How to answer without unpacking baggage?

“I need a potion to make agony vanish.”

With a wink of his eye in a voice so sincere,

“I’ll conjure a concoction to make it all disappear.”

He measured and poured then with ice he combined.

He set the drink down his hand brushing mine.

Electricity wreaked havoc, and I immediately knew;

There was old fashioned magic in that gentleman’s brew.

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