Nature’s Fury – Pooja Srivastava (Poetry)

"Natures Fury" by Pooja Srivastava truly invokes the spirit of the great romantic poets, set to the backdrop of a timeless tale: man versus nature, as if Ickarus, flying too close to the sun, had been Ahab's unheard warning, when attempting to conquer the sea.

It was a mockery on an exquisite soul,

When it blossomed like cherries on a skeletal dole,

With Atlanta humming its beautiful sight,

Look it ridicules the bunch, wild and polite,

I step up and behold, the school of whales,

Giant in structure, gliding as Snail,

As they were doped with anaesthesia, by a bunch of boffins,

Observant with the dose, to avoid the coffin,

I float in sky, with wings of carnivore,

Potentially bleating, with a pitch like yours,

All seems disdained, when they pluck to feed,

The only herb left, throttling like weed,

The whales in slumber, whistle umpteen,

Discarding any aid, in oceanic demean,

As monarch of sea, raving in revenge,

To be meddled with, to cause estrange,

Gliding with might, catching their pace,

The Whales too stoop, like human race,

Pious dwelling is left behind,

Human race doesn’t acknowledge, the spelling of “kind,”

Intruding the space, trespassing the route,

Deflating nature’s fury, blowing like flute,

To be taught a lesson, and displayed a scene,

That is filthy to behold, in an act obscene,

My wings they shrink, when ocean roared,

Descending the sky, only prayers I poured,

The bird eye view was about to go,

I looked for a boat, in ocean to row,

The Whales in sea, kindled like gold,

Lightening their aura, in multi-folds,

Consistent it was, their praiseworthy resilience,

When human displayed courage, negative of sense,

For they could not decipher, what Nature told,

They feted the ocean, with baits of gold,

Fobbing-off as casual, human souls were reared,

The Whales overturned the boat, with human blood smeared.


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