My Song - Mapuia Thawmte (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

This poem, by Mapuia Thawmte, is a reflection of self-deceited human nature in our vain and sensual search for temporal satisfaction to fulfil our avaricious appetites and thereby neglecting the real source of joy and satisfaction of a selfless mind.

Now you see me, a mockingbird,

Broken, bruised and brunted

In this dark dingy dungeon.

Illusions brought me here

Unaware of your mundane world,

As if in a drunken stupor;

Stupefied with the potion of the Neverland,

Oblivious to your harsh cacophony

Of your insipid, staged world of actors.

I see you too, a howling wolf,

Donning an angelic garb.

As reality opens up my bloodshot eyes,

I see you a puppet of life, a scardy cat.

Spectrum of delusion bedazzled your eyes,

Groping your way in shades of gray.

Drunk with sobriety, only numbers in your head,

Your value is locked up in your vanity case.

Dark is bright, you call it truth,

You hold the yardstick, millions in your trends,

While your muted ears cannot hear

The whole world groaning in pain.

Denizens of the Neverland,

Are prisoners in your world.

Your barren soul yearns for freedom,

But still you call it a fool's paradise,

While your ego basks in vanity,

You call it a reality, its life.

I see myself too, a caged bird,

Who blows its beats beyond the bars,

Higher and higher on Pegasus' wings,

Sipping the nectar of your hearts desire

To the land where dreams are made of,

Floating along the winds of melody

Of a thousand splendid songs.

And here's one.

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