Ireland's Hills So Fair - Eoghan Lyng (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

In Ireland's Hills So Fair, Eoghan Lyng demonstrates his love for the natural beauty of his homeland. A link that, if anything, is strengthened by him being so far away.

And I sit in anticipation

Of a day I shall return

To find myself in her beauty

The land in hand

And serene green everywhere to be seen

Oh, Ireland, your hills so fair

Be damned to any man

who thinks his love be more than you'll ever wear

a smile on him when he thinks of the lakes

so pretty in winter and a temptress

by spring she takes every man that walks her

away from his family's love

into something deeper than he will ever know

Ireland's hills rain down 'ere and bring the love you were borne to share.

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