I Wouldn't Have To Sing This Song - Tim Brooks (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The lyrics to this song by frustrated singer-songwriter Tim Brooks are stunning poetry in themselves. Perfectly summing up the complicated lives of musicians in London, who are frequently forced to play free gigs, or worse 'pay-to play gigs.' It has become an epidemic.

There's a millimetre crust of demerara

A sprinkling of sugar and a seabed of sweetener

On my morning coffee

Designed to stop me

From falling asleep on the third floor office seat

And I don't give a shit about a balance sheet

I've got a pay to play commitment to meet

In the belly of the beast

Of 93 Feet East

But I'm sprinting my down Liverpool Street

Cos that dickhead promoter

Stuck me as the opener

In the graveyard slot at 7 o clock

And "Kelly's Absent" she didn't make the show

Guess she only really cares if she gets her dough

C'mon Tim

You can be a star

C'mon Tim you could really go far


Just gotta work on your P.R.

And try to change who you are. 

And on Denmark Street I'm an Alleycat

The screen outside will attest to that

I got a pocket full of cards and a bag of CDs

Don't you worry sir that one's on me 

But wontcha check out my social scene

That's timbrooksmusic, without the 'e'

And if you'd drop a like that'd be terrific

I'm all about my motherfucking analytics

But that card disappeared inside his wallet

By tomorrow he'd have forgot' it

It's wedged in hard

'tween a Next giftcard and his old rail ticket


Cos this is the ballad of me, my friends of everyone

Who stood up'stage and wrote a song

And wondered when their time will come

And this is the sonnet

So pin your hopes upon it

And grab yourself a getaway

And turn tomorrow into today 

And this song won't save my issues

And it won't get me right

And it sure as hell wont save my life 

But it might just get me out of here tonight. 

And I'm 2 songs down at the Apple Tree

And Romeo says that I might get 3...

If I stick around to closing time

We'll have another round at the end of the night

And there's a guy with a guitar that I just met

Who says "..Nice one mate, I enjoyed your set"

And I know what's going through his head

He's saying, "Don't fucking leave cos I'm on next!!"

Well there's glasses on the tables plenty

This place is kinda empty

This Thursday night won't go down in the realms of history.


And I'm 163 miles away from home

Wondering the streets of Leeds all on my own

And there's 17 people in the room downstairs

It's kinda themed up like the Day of the Dead

And I'm thinking..."It's just the start of the road"


And if I had a pound for every musician

Who ever found himself in this position

Well I'd be loaded, I'd be rich and I

wouldn't have to sing this song.

I said I wouldn't have to sing this song. 

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