I Love You, In Welsh - Heddwen (Poetry)

In her debut poem for Gathering Stories, Heddwen weaves a beautiful, honest love poem. It is uplifting, and warms your soul.

Rwy’n dy garu di

“I mean - it’s just that…”

We are set together, and I bury my head into the space between your shoulder and neck.

You made me say it

And you said it back.

Dwi’n caru ti

I tell you I like your hair longer

because it curls.

Then I kiss you on the forehead

and I can smell your hair.

It smells the same as mine.

I never pack Shampoo.

Ti Yw fy nghariad

You didn’t want to say it too much.

You wanted to keep the words special

but sod it.

If the words get tired

we’ll just say it in Welsh.

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