Heavy - P.R. Davis (Poetry)

In this poem, P.R. Davis explores one's internal process of navigating through the trenches.

On these soles, I walk alone

As I stow upon

A man’s trombone

Beating down from Sparta’s land

Their conscious groans concealed

Now emote

Its communal unity, their branded loyalty, engulfed on shaky ground

In a heavy bolding sound…

“Let it burn, let it burn!"

and watch the pickets fly, with pride

“Let it burn, let it burn!"

in accordance with these first-hand whines

“Let it burn, let it burn, go on and tease the urn

in verse I shun and clench these cries

“Let it burn, let it burn”!

Optimize the grief

From a reef, that’s not complete

with a multitude of letters

that won’t pick up on my speech

cause alphabetical is not symmetrical

in this tide ridden feat

so, watch me tread down lightly.

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