Haiku Contest - Our Favourites

Enjoy some wonderful haiku from Ayla Diamond, S.A. Quinox, W. Weaselhausen, Liam Rickard, Peter Neville and Lisa Pilgrim!

You are worth each tear,

That's what I told myself,

Before I loved me.

(Ayla Diamond)

Lovers of shadows

meet underneath twilight skies

to embrace moonbeams.

(S.A. Quinox)

Little boat smiles wide

On the shoreline this morning,

Waiting for walkies.

(Peter Neville)

Photos, love letters,

All that's left from yesterday

Cold, inanimate.

(W. Weaselhausen)

My first time haiku,

Might be rubbish, all I know

Trying something new.

(Liam Rickard)

Love's for daredevils,

Grab your parachute baby,

We're about to fall.

(Lisa Pilgrim)

That tickling feeling

When you love someone so much

You can only smile.

(Ayla Diamond)

This poem is quite shy

And does not like to be read,

Okay, fine. Read it.

(Peter Neville)

It says on Wiki

That the syllable rule isn't

So strict, winter comes.

(Liam Rickard)

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