Graffiti - W. Weaselhausen (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

This poem is a peaceful call to arms. It has a message of hope, and unity- something that has been lost in our Trump-led world. Originally it was a longer poem, however, much like graffiti, the rest peeled away and was lost to time.

Travelling home the other day, I spotted a curious thing,

In a tunnel full of water, someone's son or daughter

Had had a wonderfully dyslexic eureka moment,

Flipping the 'L' around, they put 'love' into revolution,

And this quiet solution got my neurons firing out.

Truth is, you're a brain inside a skeleton,

A self-naming organ that makes itself nervous,

And orders your lungs to breathe in ashfuls of smoke

In the vain hope that the pain might just stop.

But there's a 'lie' in believe, an 'if' in the life you lead,

If there was an 'us' in trust, maybe love would succeed.


Maybe it is not that easy,

Maybe all we are is temporary graffiti, just existing-

Afraid to love, to live, to smile

Because we know beautiful things get stolen by magpies.

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