Goblin Tendrils - Eoghan Lyng (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The Spiritual Sequel to Glass Slipper sees Eoghan Lyng closing the memories just as he closes a part of his life and a three year trilogy (2015-2018)

And with every broken figurine, would seem, another piece is painfully placed on a shelf designed for memories stored.

Happy more a love was found for each and every night shared wherein, love so young and fresh was found.

The goblin's nose broke so near, it withered within it here, asking what toy had made happiness on one day, so real it stood beside the box.

Ugly were the words it wrote, for fear much more earnestly and honestly hand held fervour did it hold it's own.

The tendrils the goblin held shone, and with it the love had gone, the box shut down and the toys back to their home.

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