Feast - Sarote Erasito (Poetry)

This evocative poem by Sarote Erasito uses the image of a feast to contemplate the complexities of love.

“The heart is most treacherous. Who may know it?”

Naive bud blooms: a feast for sore eyes;

a sumptuous, satiating spread

for the hungry flocking butterflies.

Blooming bud was told by friends and foe,

“Follow your heart to avoid the blues.”

She was wined and dined; flattered and wooed;

her heart fluttered and soared.

But, with each chime,

her petals drooped lower and lower;

her heart ached more and more.

The butterflies became fewer

as her hues became warmer.

Soon the feast table was deserted.

She had listened; had followed her heart

and got the short end of the stick.

Now, she’s a feast that sores the eyes

with a heart that sings only the blues.

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