Embankment - Math Jones (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Embankment was written by Math Jones on the banks of the Thames in a moment of high emotion. The Victorian stonework narrows the river, forcing the water to run faster, deeper perhaps; for all its solidity, the Embankment is shifted.

This river's slapping at the steps, And each paff! sends a breaking spray Escaping from the flow into a sky.

Lower steps are riddled green, and corner-smooth. Some are cracked. The upper rungs have been dislodged and won't go back.

I'm a blend of trauma-still and rapid-splash. I want the soft of mainstream-push; This tiding by the bank, scraping by the bed,

Does no-one well. Involuntary As the break of water on a step, My curled stone hit by unrelenting swell.

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