Dusk (Sonnet for Danu) - Math Jones (Poetry)

"Dusk(Sonnet for Danu)" by Math Jones invokes the colors of romanticism, painted through stunning language on the canvas of a hopeful fate.

When heart’s beset with care, and, all too empty,

the sorrowed bosom sighs; the brow so heavy

with a troubled thought; the shaken dream tempted

to close the eyes, surrender up a breath

to the other side, to the world beyond;

might not the other side, the world unseen,

the tide that’s still to turn, remember fondly

those days that are, that once might not have been?

And might the world beyond let on a hint,

a sweet reminder of memories not

yet made, revealed within the first soft tint

of a new dawn? There’s a future forgot

in the passages of now, altogether sweet.

Sleep off sorrow. Tomorrow you have love to meet.

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