Don't Piss Off A Monster - Donald Falconer (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

In this playful and funny poem by Donald Falconer, written in the style of a children's fairytale, we get to see the dangers of pissing of a monster.

Once upon a loch in a far distant place,

a monster hid, afraid to show her face.

Until one day she met a little boy called Dan,

who became her biggest and mostest, fan.

All day they would play and swim and rest.

The monster even took him to see her nest.

The days were sweet and full of joy!

There is beauty in a beasts love for a boy.

But no! Oh God! The nightmare began to roar!

The little boy began to think she was a bore.

Pissed! Loved turned to hate! She bit off his head!


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