Chimera - Peter Neville (Flash Fiction)

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

In this piece of flash fiction, Peter Neville, spins a tale based on a true story of one of the strangest phenomena left in the world. It is exactly one-hundred words long, and can be read in just over two minutes (although it may creep you out for much longer.)

In the womb, I had a twin.

However, something happened, and I absorbed him within me. I was born and all trace of him disappeared forever. Except for a blue eye contrasting my brown.

"Chimera," the doctor informed my mother. "Very rare."

"Is it bad?"

"Don't worry. It just means he isn't alone. There's someone else inside him, but it's perfectly safe."

Sometimes I could feel him.

Robbed of life.

Bitter. Twisted. Vowing revenge. Silently waiting...

My first-born child had blue eyes. The doctors did tests. Turns out she's not my daughter.

I'm not her dad, but my twin is.

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