Budget Airline - Peter Neville (Poetry)

Written in an airport whilst waiting for a low-cost flight. It will be familiar to anyone whose ever survived the experience.

Today I'm travelling with a low budget airline,

You know the type, charges for this and that

Double if you need a seat, or to bring a bag

And I notice my ticket is for the priority line.

So I stride past the queue that's snaking along,

With my boarding card and passport in hand,

This is cheap and nasty travel, nothing grand

But at least I can relax whilst others pile on.

The attendant doesn't smile - that's an extra price,

She points me in the direction of the plane,

I walk down the jetway, others do the same,

But then we find something not so nice.

Just so we're clear, I'm not making a fuss,

But there's no plane just steps to the ground

And, at the bottom, I smile wryly at what we found

We have priority not for a plane, but for a bus.

Priority gets on first for this two minute ride,

Yet we have to wait for the bus to get full

So we all leave together, advantage is null,

Priority and non-priority all squished inside.

This is my message for those across the lands,

Who care more for value than comfort,

Brace yourself for the trials of the airport,

And submit yourselves to the airline's demands,

But priority is so not worth it!

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