All Kinds Of Alchemy - Tim Brooks (Poetry)

"All Kinds of Alchemy is a song about attempting to find balance, and a purgatory, whilst at the same time, accepting that your life, and your mind, is in a state of chaos. This song was written as an acceptance of the Jekyll and Hyde nature of music and my character, and how I'm trying to stay in control of it." - Tim Brooks

My subconscious is a lighthouse, shining on the rocks in my head

An intermittent signal light, switching from blue to red

And I can have days, where I’m barely fazed

And others my neurones flash up in a blaze

But I found a symmetry, a perfect kinda purgatory

Where everything balances out.

And the artist, the ambulance, I never agree

Which one’s the imposter, and which one is me

And the sky it burns red as I count down from three

I’m fire, I’m water, I’m all kinds of alchemy.

Well, the devil and the angel used to sit on the tops of my arms

Used to do me a mischief, and oh such terrible harm

But I found a way to supress them

Never ever ever try to second guess them

Consider it yang, consider it yin

A square in a circle, the length of a string

And Jekyll and Hyde, learnt how to survive

In an imperfect balance of opposite sides

And sometimes the spectre comes out from the night and says,

“Try your level best to survive”

And that’s when I go up and say….

I won’t let you down.

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