A Pondering of the Universe - Belle Robertson (Poetry)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

In this poem, Belle Robertson continues her love of the supernatural and the unexplainable, by contemplating the possibility of us not being alone in the universe.

The universe is forever growing

Of this we are almost sure

So why, when I pause to look at the sky

Do I feel I've seen it before?

They say that there is nothing to find

Therefore communication is not possible

But the average rate of forming stars

Deems the possibilities incomprehensible.

And how many of those uncountable stars

Possess celestial bodies now orbiting?

Surely some of those rotating orbs

Will ensure that life cycles keep circling?

What if they evolve to acquire

Eternal knowledge and absolute clarity?

Surely a being of such decent

Would stay away from all of humanity?

So when you wander under the skies

And look to those stars so true,

Just bare in mind there may be something

Looking straight back at you.

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