13 Word Halloween Horror Contest

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

For our Halloween contest we gave our writers the challenge of scaring us, creeping us out, thrilling us, or even making us cry. They had exactly 13 words to do so. Here are our favourites. Let us know which one you like in the comments!

"My Little Soldier,

Coming back home from the war,

Mostly in one piece"

(Dark VA)

"I waited forever - for nothing. No-one checked, no-one found me. I'm still cold." (Susan Neville)

"The fire crackled and flames glowed brightly... Now my husband was in it."

(Pam Goodwin)

"He didn't believe in Hell or the Devil either until he died forever."

(Donald Falconer)

"Green Lanes. Children enter the bar with buckets, causing a nuisance. Parents watch."

(Liam Rickard)

"You were my favourite. I still savour the stench of your lucious corpse."

(SA Quinox)

"Zombies everywhere! A plague. Hungry. Feasting. Ripping. Devouring. But they're still family."

(Peter Neville)

"Tarantula hairs

Keep time with each exhaled breath;

A lip twitch wakes you."

(Lisa Pilgrim)

"The world waited for a hero. Somebody to save us. Nobody ever came."

(W. Weaselhausen)

"She painted the walls red with blood squirting from his neck sliced deep."

(JD Casey IV)

"Today she realised phantoms aren't real. It's so quiet without her friends."

(Nadia Minamoto)

"Demons wait patiently to crawl from deeply embedded memories and devour my soul."

(Lisa Pilgrim)

"He's trapped in space. Out of air. So why is he still screaming?"

(Dark VA)

And if you're in the mood for one more gross one...

"She delights in the maggots that crawl between his thighs... so does he."

(SA Quinox)

And if you need some cheering up after that, Liam Rickard sums up Halloween as an adult...

Trick or treat

Up and down the street Bugger off cheeky little pricks

(Liam Rickard)

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Gathering Stories. Let us know your favourites in the comment section!

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